Hello! My name is Alexandra Bogoslowsky 👋 and I’m a business owner just like you. Through Starbound Earthseed, I’ve been able to connect with thousands of souls on social media and help hundreds of clients over the 4+ years of my offering my services to my community as an astrologer and intuitive counselor.

now, i’d love to help others
like me expand too

With a BA in Corporate Communications and a Minor in English, I’ve walked the path of a media professional in corporate America, editing copy and pitching ideas to my bosses while keeping up my side hustle. As time went on, though, my purpose became clear, and my side hustle grew. I began to meet peers of mine in the “industry,” folx who were hustling hard and loving it, but weren’t seeing the growth they deserved.

that’s when i realized i want to help others align and break the hustle

Read more about me and my background  here

Read more about me and my background here

what is third eye assistance?

TEA ☕️ provides entrepreneurs with spiritual businesses with the virtual assistance they need to help their businesses get to the next level.

By inviting me to be your right hand, or “third eye,” on both a professional and spiritual level, you are opening the doors for more expansion to steep into your business.

why have a virtual assistant?

we can get so much more done with the help we need. sometimes you need to hand over the logistics to get back to the core of what you business is - you.

You are not a number cruncher.
You are not an analytics optimizer.
You aren’t a formatting architect, a copy editor, a customer service representative, or a email blaster.

You have a message to send, people to talk to, words to pour out of you, and a vibe to keep high, but somewhere along the way, the little things that you needed to do to keep your biz baby growing and thriving took away time from the core of what made you start it all in the first place.

it helps to have someone else there to hold space for the expansion that you want to see take place in your business.

ways that i can help make your business run smoother
through a spiritual lens are…

  • managing your social media content calendar

  • astrological business outlook for the weeks ahead to cosmically plan your biz

  • editing raw audio or video files for client deliverables, podcasts, or YouTube

  • bookkeeping and organizing

  • email and digital file management

  • customer relationship management (CRM)

  • forum, group, comment section or live chat moderation

  • content creation or brainstorming partner for your upcoming course launch

  • ghost writing for your blog or newsletter

let’s get in touch

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through third eye assistance, i hope to offer my guidance, skills, time, and energy to businesses that are expanding human consciousness.

Whether they be fellow astrologers and tarot readers, reiki healers, yoga instructors, life coaches, or in a myriad of other shapes and colors i cannot yet foresee, my truth is in the spiritual and health & wellness communities. That said, if you are looking for an assistant who can provide more than just the typical, who can provide a cosmic outlook on your business that you might otherwise not have for lack of a personal practice - i would love to work with you.

it is not the kind of business that makes your business spiritual, but the spirit behind the business.

Thus, regardless of your “industry,” i would love to work together if my message and the soul behind Third Eye resonates with you. Submit your query today and we can start chatting about our future together.